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See why Jemore Santos ditched 2 camera systems in favor of the Sony α7R II


For any photographer, moving from one system to another is a pretty big deal. For a pro, it's huge. When the Sony α7R II came out, Australia-based professional photographer Jemore Santos saw an opportunity to replace 2 camera outfits at the same time. He made the switch from the big, heavy DSLR that he used for his pro work, and his small, rangefinder-style street-shooter to a single α7R II.

In his review and story of why he's made the switch, Santos writes:

"[T]o me the Sony α7R II is more than a camera, it’s more like a super computer with a monstrous sensor, you can see the good and bad in that I guess, it definitely has less soul than a Fuji but has got more features than both of my cameras combined. With built-in wifi and access to the Play Memories app store, the connectivity of this camera is incredible.

"The Sony α7R II is a serious camera used on professional shoots but jeez it’s so sexy pimped up that it’s the ultimate accessory." -Jemore Santos

You can read the complete story on his blog.


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