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DPReview Calls The α6300

DPReview Calls The α6300 "The Strongest All-Arounder"

DPReview Calls The α6300 "The Strongest All-Arounder"

In their review at, Richard Butler & Dan Bracaglia write "The most exciting change from our perspective is the α6300's new sensor. Although the pixel count remains the same, the α6300's sensor has a whopping 425 phase-detection AF points ranged across the sensor. The α6000 already offered one of the best AF systems in its class, when it comes to identifying and tracking subjects, so an upgrade in this area sounds extremely promising. The sensor is also built using newer fabrication processes that use copper wiring to help improve the sensor's performance and possibly contributing to the camera's slightly improved battery life."

They continue, "[J]ust about every aspect of the camera, from build quality to viewfinder refresh, video capability to autofocus has been improved, along with a small fishing vessel's worth of little feature additions that quickly add up to make it a much better camera." -Richard Butler & Dan Bracaglia, DPReview

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Source: Upwardly mobile: Sony α6300 Review