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Getting Up Close with the Sony Macro System
/Apr 08, 2017 | 10:30AM – 1:30PM
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Getting Up Close with the Sony Macro System

Getting Up Close with the Sony Macro System

If you're interested in Macro Photography but don't know how to get started this workshop is for you. Sony staff ambassador, Patrick Chan will walk you through the world of macro photography and how to get exciting images from the miniature world.

The Sony Alpha camera system has six Macro lenses to choose from, including the industry leading 90mm F2.8 for the full-frame A7 system. This is one of the outstanding lenses on the market and a great choice to start off with.

We'll go over each of the macro choices, how to set up the camera and how to get a bit of light into your photos.

Whether you shoot flowers, bugs or just want to get closer still life's, this event should get you started with some basic techniques.

This meetup is perfect for Sony cameras systems like the A7 or A6500. You don't have to own a Sony camera to attend this event but you do have to use one at the event, so Nikon and Canon users are invited. If you don't have a Sony camera to use, let me know and I'll arrange one for you.

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